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Consignor Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are there any fees involoved with the sale?
    1. There is a consignor fee which covers location, rentals, and advertising. The fee is $10 and will be deducted from your total sales. Specific volunteer shifts are available to waive your consignor fee. Refer to your consignor e-mails for these waived fee shifts.

  2. How much money do I receive back from the sale of my items?
    1. All consignors will receive a base pay of 60% of their sales. For every four-hour shift you volunteer you will receive an additional five percent with the potential of earing up to 75%. Click here to view available volunteer shifts.

  3. I have items to sell, but I am too busy to price my items?
    1. Divine Consign currently only offers a Drop and Go service to consignors with limted space available. Divine Consign will hang, tag and price your items. Consignors praticipating in Drop and Go will earn 50% of their sales. Contact Us for more information.

  4. Do you accept all seasons?
    1. Divine Consign wants to offer shoppers the merchandise they are looking for. We have found that shoppers tend to buy items that are in season. For example, in the fall people shop for winter coats and in the spring people shop for shorts and summer dresses. There are many items that are transitional and can be worn throughout the seasons. We also want to offer these pieces to our shoppers.
      Below is a guideline of what will NOT be accepted in each season.

      Items that will NOT be accepted at our FALL sales:
        Shorts (unless they are workout shorts)
        Halter or strappy summer tops

      Items that will NOT be accepted in our SPRING sales:
        Wool, Fleece or Corduroy pants
        Thick, wool sweaters

  5. What do you accept/not accept at your sales?
    1. We accept CURRENT (purchased within the lat 3-5 years) new and gently used items that are in excellent condition and free of stains and tears. We accept petite to plus sizes including maternity.
      • Casual Wear: Shirts, sweaters, blouses, pants, shorts, skirts, jeans and capris.
      • Professional Wear: Suits (skirt and pant suits), jackets and blazers.
      • Active Wear: Yoga tops, pants, capris, shorts and jackets.
      • Accessories: Handbags, hats, belts, scarves, gloves, shoes and jewelry.
      • Maternity items

      The following items will NOT be accepted:
      • Items purchased more than 3-5 years ago (such as items with shoulder pads, cropped shirts, dated floral prints, high waisted or tapered leg pants).
      • Items that smell of cigarette smoke.
      • Shrunken, faded, wrinkledor misshapen garments.
      • Wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.
      • Character shirts, cut-off shorts, overalls, bathing suits, undergarments and sleepwear.

  6. What items sell best?
    1. Divine Consign shoppers LOVE the accessories! Something we can always fit in right ladies! Jewelry, shoes and scarves are among some of the top sellers. Shoppers also love a great deal on a pair of designer jeans or unique pieces that stand out. Our shoppers are always looking for that treasure they can talk about all year!

  7. How do I make my items stand out?
    1. You can make your items stand out by creating recognizable tags so if a shopper likes what they see they might seek out more. Often shoppers find a favorite consignor they seek out. By making your tags a different color or displayed in a uniform fashion this may help bring more attention to your items.

      Although most of the clothes at our sale are pre-owned, they should not appear to be used. Bring the life out in your clothes and make them stand out. Give your garments great hanger appeal. Take the extra effort and the shoppers will notice.

  8. How do I price my items?
    1. You set your own price. Use the original price and brand as your guide. Consider what you would pay for such an item at our sale. Use $1 increments and price to sell. Remember the better the price the more likely it will not come back into your closet. If you are still unsure how to price your items, feel free to contact us for additional suggestions.

  9. Where can I get hangers?
    1. Divine Consign will host multiple open houses each season where you can purchase hangers for $0.10 each. See our e-mails for dates and times. Some stores such as Old Navy, will give away hangers daily. Hangers are also available anytime during a Divine Consign sale.

  10. Where is the best place to get tagging supplies
    1. Divine Consign offers tagging packages which include a tagging gun and printed tags. Click here for more information.

      White card stock paper is most affordable at Sam’s Club by the ream it is only $8 for 250 sheets – share a ream with a friend.

      Unique colored card stock and safety pins can be purchased at fabric or craft store. Tagging guns and the plastic barbs used to attach the tags to your garment can be purchased at a business supply store or ordered online such as Store Supply Warehouse.

  11. How do I get paid?
    1. Divine Consign will mail a check and sales receipt two weeks after the sale. A consignor fee of $10 will be subtracted from your earnings.


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