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Consignor Information
Becoming a consignor with Divine Consign is easy and beneficial to you and your pocketbook. You can recycle your wardrobe, earn extra money and shop for great deals! Consignors earn a base of 60% of their sales (minus a consignor fee of $10) with a potential to earn up to 75% and waive your consignor fee with specific volunteer shifts during the sale. All you need to do is register, tag your items, drop them off and your check will be mailed 2 weeks following the sale.

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Consignor Guidelines
Accepted items
    Take into consideration as you go through your closet that our shoppers will be looking for current, quality, seasonal brand-name items. Ask yourself if this is an item you would like to see as a shopper at our sale. Our shoppers prefer high-end, casual, designer and other boutiques brands.

    Divine Consign accepts current (purchased within the last 3-5 years), new and gently used items. We accept all sizes including teen and maternity.
Specifically, Divine Consign is looking for:
  • Shirts, sweaters, blouses, pants, shorts, skirts, jeans, capris and dresses.
  • Professional Wear: Suits (skirt and pant suits), jackets and blazers.
  • Active Wear: Yoga tops, pants, capris, shorts, skirts, jackets.
  • Accessories: Handbags, hats, belts, scarves, shoes and jewelry.
  • Maternity Clothes.
The following items will NOT be accepted:
  • Items purchased more than 3-5 years ago (such as items with shoulder pads, cropped shirts, dated floral prints, high wasted or tapered leg pants).
  • Items that smell of cigarette smoke.
  • Shrunken, faded, wrinkled or misshapen garments.
  • Wedding gowns and brides maid dresses.
  • Character shirts, cut-off shorts, overalls, bathing suits, undergarments, and sleepwear.
  • Shoulder pads.
Divine Consign holds final approval on all items included in the sale.

How to perpare and tag your items
  1. Collect materials
    • Safety pins
    • Hangers(shirt and pant)
    • Packing Tape
    • Heavy card stock paper 65lb. or higher (for printing your tags) or purchase a tagging package from Divine Consign and receive a tagging gun and printed tags. Click here to order your tagging package.
  2. Prepare garments and accessories
    • Make sure all clothing is clean, not faded, free of rips or tears is presentable with hanger appeal.
    • Secure all buttons and zip up all zippers for best presentation.
    • Hang clothing on hangers with hangers facing left like a question mark. (?)
    • When hanging sets be sure to secure both items together with safety pin or rubber band. Tag each garment
    • Pin straps to the top of the hangers for any items that might easily slip off such as strappy tank tops or dresses.
    • All bottoms must be hung by the waistband on a pant hanger. Pant hangers can be purchased for .10 cents each or you may bring your bottoms without hangers to the sale and rent pant hangers for $5 (the fee will be deducted from your check following the sale). Please DO NOT use safety pins when hanging bottoms.
    • Delicate fabrics may be covered with clear plastic bags to transport to the sale. Once the sale begins bags will be removed to display your items to our shoppers.
    • Shoes may be brought in boxes, but will not be displayed with their box. Boxes will not be returned following the sale.
    • Belts, scarves and hats will be displayed on tables or hung on hooks therefore they can be left free of hangers and transported to the sale in a box or bag.
  3. Print tags
  4. Consign tags are the only acceptable tags at our sale – please do not create your own. Click the following links to download and print either the clothing tags (.pdf) / (.doc) or accessory tags (.pdf) / (.doc).
    • Print tags on heavy cardstock – we do not accept tags on regular paper, as regular paper will rip and tags are easily lost.
    • Order a tagging package from Divine Consign and receive 120 printed tags with tagging gun.
      Click here to order your tagging package.
  5. Complete tags with consignor number
    • Each tag requires a consignor number, description and price.
    • Be descriptive. Use brand, color and clothing type when describing your item. For example, "Black J Crew Cardigan" instead of "Black Sweater." This will help us located an item if a tag is separated during the sale.
    • Set your price. Use the original price and brand as your guide. What you would pay for such an item at our sale? Use $1 increments and price to sell. Remember the better the price the more likely it will not come back into your closet.
    • Donate & 1/2 Off
      • Each consignor will determine if they will keep their item at full price, sell at 1/2 OFF during the last day of the sale or donate the item after the sale.
      • If you DO NOT want your items to be sold at 1/2 off the last day of our sale please circle "N" under "1/2 OFF" on the bottom of your tag.
      • If you DO NOT want your items donated at the end of the sale, please circle "N" under "DONATE" on the bottom of your tag.
      • See the following examples.
        YES to Donate and 1/2 OFF Donate 1/2 OFF Do NOT Donate and YES 1/2 OFF Donate 1/2 OFF Do NOT Donate and NO 1/2 OFF Donate 1/2 OFF
  6. Attach tags
    • When attaching your tags you want to avoid damaging the garment, therefore attach tags to the inside label or inside seam with either safety pins or a tagging gun. When attaching tags to all pants affix tags to front right at the waist.
    • Tags must be securely attached to shoes with safety pins, ribbon or packing tape. Remember, shoppers will be handling and trying them on. DO NOT attach tags to shoe boxes as they will not stay with shoes.
    • Affix tags to other loose accessories using a tagging gun, ribbon or safety pins.
    • For jewelry, attach accessory tags to necklaces and bracelets using a string, curling ribbon or safety pin. Earring can be attached to a small card. (Card stock paper) Items placed in zip lock bags must have tags attached to the item, not loose in the bag.
Drop Off Information

What to expect at drop off:
  • Please allow 20-30 minutes for drop off.
  • Know your consignor number. All your items will be identified by this number and we will check you in by this number.
  • Arrive with your items neatly hung and tagged.
  • We will inspect your items to make sure they are properly tagged and fall within our guidelines. Once inspected, your accepted items will be placed on the sales floor. Any unaccepted items will be returned at this time.
Pick up Information

Consignors who have clearly Circled "NO" To DONATE on their tags can pick up their unsold merchandise within the designated pick up hours. Please see Consignor Schedule. If you are unable to pick up during these times, please make alternative arrangements with a friend or family member to pick up for you. Divine Consign is unable to transfer/store consignor merchandise following the sale. Any items not picked up will be donated to our partner charities.

Getting Paid
    Divine Consign will mail a check and sales receipt within two weeks following the sale. A consignor fee of $10 will be subtracted from your earnings.

How can I increase my sales?
  1. Pricing
    • Price your items to sell. We receive thousands of items at each sale. There are sometimes multiple items of the same size. Would you choose the pink blouse for $20 or $15? Do you really want to clean your closet out? The consignors with the lowest prices end up taking home less clothes and in the end usually more money.
    • Offer your items at ½ OFF. Half the money is better than no money! Most shoppers do not even consider purchasing items at full price on 1/2 off days. Do you want your items to be considered all three days of the sale?

  2. Make your garments stand out
    • Although most of the clothes at our sale are pre-owned, they should not appear to be used. Bring the life out in your clothes and make them stand out.
    • Give your garments great hanger appeal. Take the extra effort and the shoppers will notice.
    • Make your tags noticeable so if a shopper likes what they see they might seek out more. It is often shoppers find a consignor they relate to. By making your tags maybe a different color or displayed in a uniform fashion this may help bring more attention to your items.

  3. Volunteer to increase your percentage earned
    • Volunteering is easy and fun. It is the simplest way to increase your sales.
    • Shifts are in 4-hour increments and with three shifts you can earn an additional 15% of your sales.
    • Volunteers also have the opportunity to interact and learn from the shoppers – see what sells and improve their future sales.
    • Click here to register for a volunteer shift.


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